Best Software for Managing Appointments at Your Tanning Salon

March 20, 2017
Best Software for Managing Appointments at Your Tanning Salon

Every minute is valuable to businesses that provide services, and tanning salons are no exception. Tanning salons aim to maximize the use of their time by letting their clients book appointments. Doing so ensures that clients know exactly when to come in and the tanning salon can maximize the use of its time. Manually managing appointments is very hard due to the busy nature of tanning salons. For this reason, any software that can help a tanning salon manage its appointments is invaluable.

What are the features of the best appointment management software?

Before we look at some of the revered appointment managing software, let’s look at what makes one better than the other. A good software ought to integrate seamlessly with your website. Most businesses can be found online these days because they have websites. Ideally, you want everything to work from one domain. For this reason, any appointment management software you decide to use should integrate with your website. Doing this allows your visitors and clients to access it alongside other provisions of your website.

Such software should be self-explanatory and easy to use

In most cases, the appointment management software provides users with a form to fill out. It has been shown that if an online form is too challenging to fill, most people will abandon it. Therefore, you should ensure that the software you get is easy to use and does not cause unnecessary confusion among your visitors and clients.

Lastly, any software you use is useless to you if it does not send notifications and reminders for appointments made on it. Remember that the main reason for getting the software is to automate the booking process. Checking manually to see if anyone has made an appointment defeats the purpose of having the software in the first place.

The best software for managing appointments for tanning salons

Among the multitude of appointment management software on the internet, Salon Iris stands out. It is a very popular appointment management software in use on thousands if not tens of thousands of websites. In addition to the three features we have touched on above, it lets tanning salon owners craft email campaigns, helps them manage their POS and lets them create loyalty programs for their most loyal customers. It is relatively cheap, and it offers a trial period for those who would like to take it for a test drive.  Here is a closer look at the software.

One of the things that draw tanning salon owners to Salon Iris is its color-coded schedule blocks. Salon owners can see all appointments at a glance and if any cancellations arise, salon owners can drag and drop appointments into the empty slots to reschedule them. The software then sends a notification to the client to let them know their appointment has changed. This software also comes with a mobile app that lets salon owners and customers see and manage appointments from their phones and tablets.